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A 23-Day tour for the sophisticated traveler !!
$8659 per person
based on double occupancy

Accomodation Included
Air fare included
ground transportation included

Round trip airfare from the U.S.
Domestic flights in Egypt
Pyramids & Sphinx of Giza
Memphis & Sakkara
Step Pyramid of Zoser
Pyramid of Unas
Pyramid of Teti
Mastaba of Ptah Hotep II and Aket Hotep
Sound and Light Show in Cairo
Abu Sir
Sun Temple of Sahure
Sun Temple of Niussere
Camel Ride
Solar Boat Museum
Oasis of Fayoum
Pyramid of Hawarah
Temple of Amenemhet III
Roman Site of Chariness
Pyramid of Maidum
Red Pyramid
Bent Pyramid
Seila Pyramid
Dinner at an Egyptian Home
Hanging Church
Church of St. Sergius
St. Barbara Church
Whirling Dervishes Show
Abu-Simbel Tour with overnight
Sound and Light Show at Abu-Simbel
Aswan Sightseeing
Nubian Museum
Nubian Home Visit
Nubian Village
Tomb of Nomarchs
Kalabsha Temple
Monastery of St. Simeon
Kalabsha Temple
Sound and Light at Philae temple
Kiosk of Qertassi
Tomb of Mehu
Tomb of Sirenput
Tomb of Pepi-Nakht
Tomb of Khuf Har
Kom-Ombo Temple
Edfu Temple
Esna Temple
East & West Bank of the Nile in Luxor .
Valley of the Nobles
Userhat Tomb

Rekhmire Tomb
King Tut Tomb
Seti II
Chapels of Madinet Habu
Tomb of Nefertari
Tomb of Tausert
Luxor Museum
Tomb of Menna
Tomb of Amenhotep II
Tomb of Nakht
Tomb of Ramose
Tomb of Ramses IV
Tomb of Amon-Hir Khopshef
Sound and Light at Karnak
Dendera / Abydos
2-hour Felucca Ride in Luxor
Luxor Museum
St. Catherine
Wadi Firan
Sarabit El-Khadem
Temple of Hathor
Uyun Mussa
Bedouin Dinner
Suez Canal
Dinner Cruise with Floor Show
Ay's Tomb
Huya's Tomb
Meri-re I
Meri-re II
Tomb of Panhesy
Beni Hassan
Egyptian Museum
Mummy Room
Old Cairo
City of the Dead
Citadel of Salah El Din
Mohammed Ali Mosque
All entrance fees, guidance (Personalized Service with private cars and guides)
Super Deluxe Hotels and Super Deluxe Condominium accommodation
All taxes, service charges and entrance fees are also included.

Tour Highlights

Day 1

Day 2

Depart U.S.A. on a scheduled flight to Cairo. All meals and beverages served on board flight.

Arrive Cairo where you will be met by our tour manager who will help you with your immigration and customs formalities. Later you will be met and transferred to your hotel, the historical Mena House Oberoi Hotel for an overnight.

Breakfast, then drive to Memphis at the edge of the Western Desert, the capital of the Ancient Kingdom, and one of the most important cities throughout the history of ancient Egypt. From here, drive to Sakkara the vast Necropolis of ancient Memphis. Visit the step Pyramid Complex of Zoser, which predates the Pyramids of Giza and is the world's first monumental building constructed entirely in stone. Also visit the exterior of the Pyramid of Unas, a 5th dynasty king whose burial chamber is covered with texts. Continue our tour to visit the Pyramid of Teti and the Mastaba of Ptah Hotep II and Aket Hotep. It contains numerous mural paintings portraying daily religious and funerary activities. Continue with an exterior visit to the Serapeum. In these catacombs there are numerous huge sarcophagae that were used for burial and mummification processes. Return to your hotel. In the evening you will be met and transferred by your tour manager to the Giza plateau, to attend the magnificent sound and light show. Later transfer back to your hotel for an overnight. (B)

Breakfast, then drive to Abu Sir to visit a 5th dynasty Sun Temple for King Sahure, Neferirkare and Niussere. Visit the Sun Temple of Niussere at Abu Ghurab. This is the most intact Sun Temple from the 5th Dynasty period. In the afternoon drive to the Pyramids of Giza. Cheops Pyramid, the largest of the three was built in the 4th dynasty about 2650 BC. Enjoy a camel ride by the Pyramids area if you wish; also visit the Sphinx carved from a single piece of stone. Continue your tour to the Solar Boat Museum where a dismantled river barge of King Cheops was found and has been beautifully re-assembled. Transfer back to your hotel. Overnight. (B,L)

Breakfast, then drive to Fayoum, Egypt's largest oasis, overlooking Lake Qarun, which is a popular spot for hunting and fishing. Visit the Pyramid of Hawara as well as the remains of the temple built by Amenemhet III. Also visit the Roman site of Chariness, which once housed two limestone temples and a large agora. Lunch at the Oberge El-Fayoum Hotel overlooking the lake. Drive to Maidum. Visit the Pyramid of Maidum. This was originally a seven-stepped Pyramid and was later enlarged to become an eight-stepped Pyramid. Eventually the steps were filled in and a smooth outer facing turned it into a true pyramid. It is a huge structure and is surrounded by the debris from the casing that collapsed. The Maidum Pyramid is thought to have been started by Huni, the last ruler of the 3rd dynasty and then completed by his successor Sneferu. Sneferu was the first 4th dynasty Pharaoh (2613–2494 BC). A little north of the Maidum Pyramid are the remains of the Seila Step Pyramid, which is made of limestone and is thought to be from the 2nd dynasty. Transfer back to your hotel for an overnight. (B,L)

Breakfast, then drive to Dahshur to visit the Red Pyramid and the Bent Pyramid. The builder of these pyramids is thought to have been Sneferu, who is thought to have built the pyramid of Maidum. His son was Cheops who continued his empire expansion. Transfer back to your hotel. In the evening you will be met and transferred to an Egyptian home for a traditional home-cooked dinner and for getting acquainted with the locals and their way of life. Tour the home and engage in a social discussion about the two cultures and the people, if you wish. Later you will be transferred back to your hotel for an overnight. (B,D)

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Breakfast, then drive through the Delta to the town of Tanis. Tanis was the capital of Egypt during the late period of the 21st to the 22nd dynasties, and served as a burial site for some of the kings. The pharaohs used to bring monumental statues from all over Egypt to embellish their temples. Drive back to Cairo and visit the Hanging Church dedicated to the Virgin Mary. It was built at the end of the 3rd century. Also visit the Church of St. Sergius, built in the 4th century. This is one of the places where the holy family had taken shelter. Continue the tour to visit St. Barbara Church built sometime in the 4th Century and which has some of the writings of Saint John. Your tour will end at the medieval house of Ghouria, where you will attend a magnificent and impressive live performance of the whirling Dervishes. Enjoy dinner at a traditional restaurant in the El-Hossein area. Later transfer back to your hotel for an overnight. (B,L,D)

Day 7

Day 8

Breakfast, then you will be met and transferred to Cairo Airport for your flight to Abu-Simbel. Upon arrival at Abu-Simbel Airport, you will be transferred to visit the Great Temple, with its four colossal seated statues of the king in front of the entrance. It was dedicated to Amun-Ra, the Horakkhti, and Ramses II. Then visit the King's wife temple. The temples were saved from the rising waters of the Nile resulting from the construction of the Aswan High Dam. The temples are awesome and impressive by all means although they were built 3200 years ago. Later transfer to the newly opened Seti Mercure Hotel in Abu-Simbel. Remainder of day at leisure or you may wish to go back to the temples for a picture taking opportunity at sunset. In the evening, transfer to attend the newly Sound and Light Show at the temples of Abu-Simbel—it's an impressive and outstanding performance. Overnight in Abu-Simbel. (B,L,D)

After an early breakfast, you will have a wonderful opportunity to see the sunrise at the Abu-Simbel Temples. Later transfer to Abu-Simbel Airport for your flight to Aswan. Upon arrival you will be met and transferred to your hotel, the luxurious Aswan Oberoi Hotel for check-in. Later start your tour visiting the Botanical Gardens and the exterior of the Agha Khan Mausoleum by "Felucca" (sailboat). Also visit the Temple of Isis on Philae Island. Continue your tour visiting the High Dam, the Granite Quarries and the Unfinished Obelisk. Also visit Kalabsha Temple built during the Augustus Empire. Continue your tour to visit the Roman Kiosk of Qertassi, a small Roman temple and the Shrine of Ramses II from Beit El-Wali. Also visit the Nobles site. These tombs were constructed by nobles and princes of the region about 2300 BC. Important among them are the tombs of Mehu, Sirenput,Pepi-Nakht and Khuf Har. Transfer back to your hotel for an overnight. (B)

Day 9

Day 10

Breakfast and a rare visit to the newly opened Nubian Museum which describes the Nubian history from past to present time including some Coptic and Islamic art as well. Continue your tour to visit the Nubian village, including a special visit to a Nubian home. There you will be served tea and have a short social discussion with the locals and notice their way of life and how they do their daily chores. In the afternoon ride Camels in the desert to the Tomb of Nomarchs and the majestic Monastery of St. Simeon. Later transfer back to your hotel. In the evening you will be met and transferred to Philae Temple by Felucca (Sail Boat) to attend the magnificent Sound and Light show. Later transfer back to your hotel for an overnight. (B,D)

Breakfast, then you will be met and transferred by car to Luxor visiting en-route the Greco Roman temple of Kom-Ombo, which was dedicated to two gods: the Crocodile god Sobek and the Falcon-Headed god Haroeris. Continue to Edfu to visit the Temple of Horus (237 BC.), the best-preserved Egyptian temple in existence. From there drive to Esna to visit the Temple of the god Khnum. Continue to Luxor. Arrive Luxor where you will be met and transferred to the historic Old Winter Palace Hotel. Overnight. (B,L,D)

Breakfast, then start your tour crossing by ferry to the West Bank of the Nile and visit the Valley of the Queens, which lies hidden in the foothills of the mountains of Gourma. See the dramatic temple of Queen Hatshepsut, a masterpiece of graceful proportions, then visit the famous Valley of the Kings where most of the royal tombs are. Visit the Valley of  the Nobles, famous for its fine wall decorations and drawings, which depict scenes from the daily life of the ancient Egyptians. In the afternoon visit the famous tomb of King Tut (14th century BC). Also visit the Seti II Tomb from the 13th century BC. The outer halls of this tomb are decorated with reliefs on beautiful limestone. Also visit the temples and Chapels of Madinet Habu, the largest complex which was built by Ramses III. Continue your tour to visit the Ramesseum, a mortuary temple built by King Ramses II, one of the largest temples in Egypt. Transfer back to your hotel. Overnight. (B,L,D)

Day 11

Day 12

Day 13

Breakfast, then visit the newly opened tomb of Nefertari, built by King Ramses II for his beloved queen. This tomb is most famous for its fine art work. It is a breathtaking exhibit and is truly one of the highlights of your trip. Continue your tour visiting the newly opened tomb of Queen Tausert, the wife of King Seth II. That tomb was usurped by King Set-Nakht who changed some of its inscriptions and added to its original construction. From there visit the tomb of Menna from 1425 BC. This fine tomb belongs to the scribe of the fields under Tuthmosis IV. Also visit the newly opened Tomb of Amenhotep II dating back to 1450 BC. The tomb of Amenhotep II is one of the most beautiful tombs in the Valley of the Kings. The walls are painted terracotta and the mortuary texts are so drawn that they give the impression of papyrus text printed to the interior walls of the tomb. End your tour with a visit to the Luxor Museum. Overnight. (B,L)

Breakfast, then visit the tomb of Nakht. This is a tomb famous for its scenes of dancing girls and banquet scenes; also the details of hunting scenes are very clear on the walls. Continue your tour visiting the tomb of Ramose from 1379 BC known as tomb number 55 and belonging to the Prime Minister of Akhenaton. Although the tomb is somewhat damaged, it has some of the most beautiful reliefs of Ramose and his wife. Also visit the tomb of Ramses IV dating back to 1200 BC. The tomb has nice paintings on its walls depicting different chapters from the "Book of the Dead" as well as magical scenes. Also visit the tomb of Amon-Hir Khopshef who was the son of Ramses III. It has scenes showing Ramses III teaching his nine year old son. In the afternoon visit the Temple of Karnak with its awesome and giant columns. Also visit the Temple of Luxor which was started by Amenhotep III and completed by Ramses II. Transfer back to your hotel. In the evening you will be met and transferred to attend the magnificent sound and light show in Karnak. Later transfer back to your hotel for an overnight. (B,L)

Breakfast, then drive to Dendera. Visit the Temple of Hathor, goddess of love, music and wine. It was built in the 1st century BC and is the only circular representation of the heavens found in Egypt. It is a Greco-Roman temple. The temple was first initiated by Ptolemy III with numerous additions by subsequent Roman Ptolemic rulers. It also houses a famous painting of Queen Cleopatra. Continue to Abydos to visit the Temple of Seti I, viewing the famous list of kings and some of the most beautifully painted reliefs from pharaonic periods. Return to Luxor. Embark on a 2-hour Felucca (sailboat) ride, exploring the East and the West Bank of the Nile riding in a sailboat exactly the same way the ancient Egyptians used to do thousands of years ago. Return to your hotel for an overnight. (B,D)

Breakfast, then transfer to Luxor Airport for your flight to Sharm-El-Sheikh. Upon arrival at Sharm, you will be transferred to the Marriott or the Hyatt Sharm Hotel. Remainder of day at leisure for swimming, snorkeling, diving or just relaxing by your hotel pool or private beach. Overnight. (B)

Breakfast and a day at leisure for swimming, diving or snorkeling. In the evening you will be met and transferred by car to the Sinai Desert. From the desert road ride a camel if you wish, or continue by car to meet the Bedouins. Experience the Bedouin hospitality. A candlelit dinner will be barbecued and served in front of you at a canyon in a Bedouin tent surrounded by the stars. Traveling and dining in the desert with the Bedouins will make you relive the adventure of Lawrence of Arabia. Later transfer back to your hotel for an overnight. (B,D)

Breakfast and a day at leisure for swimming, diving or snorkeling. Late afternoon proceed to St. Catherine. Arrive St. Catherine and transfer to the St. Catherine Village. A choice of a 3-hour climb to the top of Mount Sinai is available, if you wish to see a spectacular sunrise as well as view the Red Sea and the Saudi Arabian border. The recommended time to start the climb of the 3,750 steps is at 2:00 A.M. in order to arrive at the summit for a spectacular sunrise around 5:00 A.M. (You must be physically fit and healthy in order for you to do the 3-hour mountain climb.) (B,D)

Breakfast, then visit St. Catherine Monastery built by Emperor Justinian during the 6th century. The site sits at the foot of Mount Sinai, where Moses is believed to have received the Ten Commandments. Visit the churches, gardens and the living quarters of the monks who operate it. Some of your highlights will be the actual Burning Bush Shrub that grows nowhere else in the world. The Monastery owns more than 2,000 Byzantine icons, many of which are displayed in the main Church of the Transfiguration. The Monastery also has a priceless collection of more than 4,500 manuscripts including the world's second oldest Bible. Walk in the same foot steps where Pope John-Paul II did when he visited Egypt in February of 2000. Depart St. Catherine to Wadi Firan to visit the largest Oasis in the peninsula. In the 4th century AD it was a Christian stronghold. Continue your drive to Sarabit El-Khadem to visit the semi-precious turquoise mines where the ancient Egyptians used to mine for precious stones. Also visit the Temple of Hathor, the cow headed goddess from the 1st century AD. Drive to Uyun Mussa, time permitting, to view this oasis with 12 sweet water springs. It is here where the Israelites were halted after crossing the Red Sea and where Moses is supposed to have thrown a tree into the largest spring. Continue your drive to Cairo via the Suez Canal. Arrive Cairo where you will be transferred to one of our privately owned luxuriously furnished condominiums. You will spend the night in a fully equipped and furnished Egyptian condo, local but luxury style with a refrigerator full of tasty local food, mineral water as well as fresh fruits. Your condo will have a private balcony and a pyramid view is guaranteed. You will get a true sense of how Egyptians live and do their daily chores by going through that experience. (Spending the night in one of our condos can not be guaranteed, depending on their availability. If it is sold out during that time or if you do not wish to try that experience, you will be spending the night at the Semiramis Inter-Continental Hotel. You will be informed at the time of booking if it is available depending on your arrival date in Cairo.) Overnight. (B,D)

Breakfast, and an early drive from Cairo to the very famous town of Tel-El-Amarna, the town formerly known as Akhenaten. King Akhenaten offered this place to be the home of his god Aton (1375–1350 BC). Start your tour visiting Ay's Tomb. The drawings show Ay and his wife receiving gold collars from Akhenaten and Nefertari. From there continue to Huya's Tomb, steward of Queen Tiyi, the queen mother and wife of Amenhotep III. Continue your tour to visit the tomb of Meri-re I, the high priest of Aton. A table of offerings including a beautiful representation of a colorful rainbow is drawn on the left-hand wall of the chamber below the Aton disk. Also visit the Tomb of Meri-re II who was the superintendent of the palace of Queen Nefertiti. It has plenty of scenes showing celebrations honoring leaders of other countries. Transfer to your hotel, the Etap Hotel in Menia for an overnight. (B,L,D)

Breakfast, then visit the tomb of Panhesy, the chief servitor. The facade that decorated the outside of his tomb is still preserved. Drive to Beni Hassan where there are more than 39 tombs located here from the Middle Kingdom (about 2050 BC). They were built for feudal lords. Visit some of the famous ones like Amenemhet, Tomb of Khnumhotep, Tomb of Bakhet as well as the tomb of Kheti. Drive back to Cairo for an overnight at your furnished condo. (B,L,D)

Breakfast, then start your tour by visiting the Egyptian Museum famous for its antiquities from Egypt's pharaonic period including the fabulous treasures of King Tut-Ankh-Amon. Also visit the famous Mummy Room in the museum which was ordered opened to the public by President Mubarak of Egypt. Afternoon excursion to old Cairo will include a visit to the very old Coptic Churches and the oldest Jewish Synagogue of Beni Ezra. Continue your tour to visit the Citadel of Salah El-Din and the Mohammed Ali Mosque; also visit the famous City of the Dead. This is a centuries-old cemetery in old Cairo, with very small houses encompassing both the dead and (of late) their living relatives, who—because of inadequate housing—have moved into their family's graves. End your tour at the Medieval Bazaars of Khan-El-Khalili, where you can bargain for your jewelry and hand-tooled leather items. Return to your condominium for an overnight. (B,L,D)

Breakfast, then you will be met by your tour manager and transferred to Cairo Airport, where you will be helped with your check-in and immigration formalities for your departure flight back home. (B)

Day 14

Day 15

Day 16

Day 17

Day 18

Day 19

Day 20

Day 21

Day 22

Day 23

Also Included: All meeting and assistance, baggage handling, entrance fees to sights mentioned, transfers, hotel service charges, and taxes are included. All transfers and sightseeing provided throughout, is operated in a private car with a driver and a professional Egyptologist tour guide during the sightseeing, or a driver and a tour manager during transfers available with you at all times. (Personalized service.) "If any modifications or changes are needed to package, that will be accommodated at an extra cost"

If airfare from the USA is not required, please deduct $920 from posted rate.

SINGLE SUPPLEMENT: For single occupancy, please add $1485.

Departure from other gateway cities is available as follows: Departure out of Boston, please add $169. Departure out of Washington, DC, add $189. Departure out of Chicago, add $259. Departure out of Los Angeles, add $369, or call for your city.

Please add a peak season supplement of $840 per person if traveling between Dec. 09th to Jan. 14th or from Mar. 19th to Apr. 23rd.

EXTENSIONS & OPTIONAL TOURS: Extra days and optional tours to additional sites are available upon request.

If you need a different tour package of Egypt, we will customize it for you.

Edfu : Temple of Horus

Cairo ' Your Palace room at the Mena House Oberoi '

Aswan : the rarely visited site of St. Simeon monastery

Cairo: your luxurious condo
          building from outside

Cairo: Living room interior of     
           your luxurious condo

Cairo View of the Pyramids from your condo balcony

Cairo : Whirling Dervishes performing

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